It wasn't the ocean

that healed her,

it was the long walk

to get there.

Derek Robert Delahunt

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August 12, 2017

Published by Elephant Journal, August 11, 2017 (Click to View)

She dropped her bag on the bed and walked to the window.

He had followed her in, but now stood in the middle of the room to watch her from a distance. He noticed how she...

June 23, 2017

Published July 8, 2017 at The Good Men Project (Click to View)

I hit the road seeking adventure. I took a long drive with myself. Just the two of us. 

I packed my favorite baseball hat, a change of clothes and my tent and set out wit...


Published May 11, 2017 on Elephant Journal. Click to view.

She had sipped the last of her honey-sweetened coffee and closed her MacBook when suddenly, she felt his hand push her hair to the side and his lips brush the back of her n...

Published May 4 by Elephant Journal. Click to view.

I don’t sleep. For a long time now, I haven’t slept. And I as I lay here again at 2 a.m., alone in the soft blue glow of my iPhone, I realize that Facebook is a drug dealer.


November 10, 2016

Published by The Good Men Project 4/11/17. Click to view.

Except the slow rise and fall of your back, you lay soft, motionless, and wrapped in half of the white fitted sheet, which is loose where you pulled it away from the corner,...

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