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Flowers may bloom

in the daylight

but they grow

in the dark.

It’s true. Flowers grow in the dark. In fact, they grow best at night - but we both know that I’m not talking about flowers. And I’m not talking about darkness either. I’m talking about loneliness and heartbreak and that unbearable crushing kind of sadness that shades every waking thought.

I’m talking about really hard times - breakups and divorce, rejection and death, unemployment and homelessness. I’m talking about hard days and long nights. And when I say darkness, I also mean sickness or depression, immobility or addiction. I mean those times when you’re guilty or mistaken, when you’ve let someone down or when you’re really embarrassed. By darkness I mean those times when you feel small. Sometimes you need to hurt those you love to help yourself, and sometimes it seems that there is no meaning to it all. And sometimes you just want to turn off - that’s what I mean when I say darkness.

But mostly, I’m talking about the times when you just feel stuck. And when it’s black like this, remember the truth about flowers - how they grow in the dark. Remember how they grow in the dark and that you’re going to grow in this darkness - you’re going to learn and change and heal and when daylight comes you’re going to bloom. You’re going to bloom in all your new colors. Because flowers grow in the dark.

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